Fading Borders is a curatorial project that brings into light the complex relationship of Migration and the City by presenting two in-depth studies: Away by Teleleu – a journalistic survey of the lives of Romanian migrants within various local European communities; and Shrinking Cities in Romania by IDEILAGRAM – an extensive research on the various forms of decline of Romanian cities, targeting a constructive understanding of the urban shrinkage as a vector for modernization and innovation. As a conclusion, Mazzocchioo magazine deepens the debate by gathering a series of contributions from acknowledged architects answering the question: How will Migration influence Architecture and the City?

A project by Poster

Commissioner: Attila Kim
Architects/Curators: POSTER ⁠— Ștefan Simion, Irina Meliță, Radu Tîrcă, Cristian Bădescu, Ștefania Hîrleață

Participants: IDEILAGRAM, Teleleu, Mazzocchioo

Graphic design: RIZI
Communication: Dăescu Borțun Olteanu

Organized by: